Nov 12, 2015

Phocus: Professional RAW Image Adjustments

Processing ram image from your camera can be done though built-in RAW image editor from manufacturer camera, but are you satisfied with it? If you are looking for RAW image editor, probably you need to check Phocus software, this software gives you a solution to enhance and adjust RAW image that taken from your professional DSLR camera. Phocus software can seamlessly handle any high resolution image with formats like TIFF, JPEG, 3FR and 3F formats.

Phocus software provides you several work layout, you can easily to switch them, it’s to ensure you are working with the best environment layout of workspace. Phocus software comes with a fairly large arsenal of tools. With it you are able to correct lens distortions and vignetting, as well as make use of HNCS, Hasselblad’s Natural Color Solution.

Phocus software also grants you the use of dust removal, sharpening, noise filtering, white balance and other must have tools. By using this software, you can control your camera directly, this is a good thing fro work in the photo studio. Phocus software can be installed on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8 only.

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