Nov 27, 2015

Simple Words: A Simple Way to Work with Office Documents

Simple Words software is very simple word processing software that allowing you to edit any documents, Simple Words software has many similarities with Microsoft Office software, so you will be able faster to learn how to use it. Simple Words software. Simple Words software has supports many document formats, such as DOC, DOCX, HTML, ODT, EPUB, TXT and RTF.

 Simple words
Simple words
In addition to create document with those formats, you are also allowed to edit and convert document that mentioned above. Most of the tools provided by Simple Words help you quickly process and edit your documents. Using a minimalist interface and utilities such as the integrated spellchecker, the application helps you tamper with our texts, or convert them to various document formats.

Simple Words software can be alternative for Microsoft office, because it offer similar capability, starts from document support, editing, layouting and formatting document. Simple Words software has almost all essential needs to make a document for any purpose. Simple Words can be installed on many version of Microsoft windows, ranging from Windows XP to the latest version.

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Read HFS+ Disk Formatted System Using HFSExplorer

If you have an Apple Mac computer with OS X installed inside it, probably you will notice that Mac using HFS+ formatting system on their hard drive, of course this is would be a bit difficult when those hard drive are attached into Windows based PC or in case you want to open Disk Image with HFS+ format on your Windows PC. You will need HFSExplorer software to be able read HFS+ disk system and also open HFS disk image on windows PC.

HFSExplorer is free software that can help you to read and extract any files on HFS+ formatted disk and disk image. HFSExplorer software warns you that hybrid CD-ROMs with both HFS+ and ISO file systems are not supported. HFSExplorer software are really simple, you simply open it and navigate to the HFS+ disk that attched into your PC and then extract files you need into your NTFS disk.

What HFSExplorer software does is deliver the means for you to properly connect to a HFS drive from a Mac computer and recover its data or any other related job that it may need. HFSExplorer software can be installed on recent versions of Microsoft windows operating system, such as windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Nov 26, 2015

AVS Disc Creator: Help You to Create Burn Data into Disc

AVS Disc Creator software can be used for anyone who want to transfer any files into CDs, DVDs and Blurays. AVS Disc Creator software designed with very simple and clean user interface, so anyone would be able to use it. In addition, to write data into CDs, DVDs and Blurays, you can also copying discs or even burn ISO image file using AVS Disc Creator software.

 Data burner software
Data burner software
AVS Disc Creator software allowing you to create audio CDs, MP3 discs, video DVDs, WMA and photo CDs, DVDs and BluRays. Also, you may create ISO files from the discs in your drive, burn ISOs or create bootable discs. AVS Disc Creator software also comes with cover designer which can help you make design of DVD cases, CDs slim and many more.

AVS Disc Creator software provides you with write speed options, start from 8x to the 48x. AVS Disc Creator software is a complete tool for discs burning utility, there is so many features which cover all you need to burn any data files into disc. You can installing AVS Disc Creator software on many versions of Microsoft windows operating system, start from XP to the latest version.

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Mockplus: Creates Software Mockup Easily

Mockplus software can help you create prototype or mockup for your developed software. Mockplus software is really useful for any programmers who want to build a software, you can create initial design project using Mockplus software, so it’s allows you to get a glimpse of the early mockup of your project, that can be used as the baseline of your software.

Mockplus software has many design template that suitable for many platforms, such as Android, iOS and PC. Mockplus software gives you the possibility to add comments and annotations on each element of your mockup. This has a multitude of uses, as most applications are developed by a team. Mockplus software is suitable for working on agile environment.

Mockplus software allows you to seamlessly create an initial mockup of your software projects, whilst offering a rich variety of built-in objects that can ease off your work. Mockplus can be installed on on Microsoft windows version 7, 8 and 10.

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Nov 25, 2015

Get Complex Password Combination with Passwords Generator

Passwords Generator software can help you to get new password with very strong combination of characters, Passwords Generator software will generate password for you which are difficult to crack. Passwords Generator software designed with very simple and clean user interface, a multi-tabbed layout that allows you to easily configure the dedicated parameters related to the length of the password, numbers, and special characters.

Passwords Generator has supports many characters, not only general characters but also special characters, including uppercase, lowercase, special characters, adjacent characters, number, and read sign. You are allowed to configure how long password generated, whether it 6 or 20 characters.

This Passwords Generator software allowing you to copy generated password into clipboard and paste it in any supported software. Passwords Generator software also let you alter the font in terms of font, font style and size, copy password to the clipboard when selected. Passwords Generator software only take small amount of CPU resources. You can installing Passwords Generator software on any computer that had running Microsoft Windows operating system.

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Junkware Removal Tool: Command Line Adware Remover

Junkware Removal Tool is a simple and lightweight adware remover, Junkware Removal Tool software can help you to remove any installed adware with a few simple steps. So, this software did not required to be installed so there is no new entries on your system registry. Simply click it and then let the Junkware Removal Tool software to scan your entire computer and find adwar to be removed.

Junkware Removal Tool

This adware removal tool requires you to close any web browser that currently running, because Junkware Removal Tool software will scan web browser software for any installed toolbar and plugin that possibility harm your computer system. Junkware Removal Tool software only provides you with command line interface, so this software can run really fast.

Junkware Removal Tool takes a reasonable amount of time to finish a task, while using a very low quantity of CPU and RAM. It successfully eliminates unwanted items, without causing Windows to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. You can run Junkware Removal Tool software on any computer that running windows operating system.

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Nov 24, 2015

FX Equation: Easy To Write Mathematical Equation

FX Equation software can help you to write any mathematical equation on computer, formatting mathematic equation using FX Equation software is very easy, because this software was designed with simple and intuitive user interface. FX Equation software allows you to use degree signs, lowercase and uppercase Greek letters, symbols, equation numbers, calculus, statistics, roots, formatting, matrices, vectors and many more.

Not just mathematic equation formatting, FX Equation software also allowing you to customize the text using text formatting tools, such as bold, italic and underline. Configuring settings is also possible when it comes to the fonts (e.g. units, quoted text), vectors (e.g. double capitals, arrow style), styles (e.g. spacing, multiplication, integrals), units, matrices and shortcuts.

FX Equation software is lightweight enough and did not take high CPU load, so it’s really CPU friendly software. You can installing FX Equation software on any computer which had running Microsoft windows XP or newer version.
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