Aug 14, 2011

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 | what is dragon software

what is dragon software? Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 is the solution to help busy typing, using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 software you will more quickly resolve the activities of typing, because using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 enables you to instruct the computer to type automatically simply by speaking through a microphone, of course This will be faster than having to type with the keyboard, you simply say various words that you want to write, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 guarantee accuracy of up to 99%. You can use the microphone that is connected directly to the computer or microphone that uses a bluetooth connection, you can Create custom commands to automate repetitive tasks you perform That involve multiple keystrokes or mouse clicks on dragon naturally speaking software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 | what is dragon software
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 | what is dragon software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11  is a professional Dictation software, you will get full support from the developers of this software. some of the features found in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 such as, easy to Use, Streamline Complex or Repetitive Document-Creation Tasks, Use with Any Windows Program, Up to 99% Accurate and Three Times Faster than Typing, Productivity for Mobile Workers, Provide Accessibility for Disabled Workers, and Protect Employees from Repetitive Stress Injuries, Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Web Search Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Email and Calendar Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Desktop Search. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 you can use across all Microsoft Windows platforms, and for installation of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 11 you have to provide Free hard disk space 2.5 GB (2.8 GB for localized non-Home versions).

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